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Every time I starts to write, I literally used up all the time to think of the title of my blog. How did y’all think of yours? I need a title generator!

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A lil’ update.

Have you ever felt annoyed while talking to parents on the phone?

I just did. I got really annoyed at them cause I’ve been trying to call my mom since 3pm. There’s nothing huge about it cause I just want to call them and ask them how was their day as usual. I love calling them in the middle of the day.

Then they called me at 10:30pm and the first thing they said weren’t how were you… But why is your face?

My insecurity about myself is always my face, and of course both of my legs.

I know, this doesn’t define who you are, but yea this happened.

I’ve been dealing with acne problems or should I said digestive problems lately and causing my acnes to pop out drastically.

But whatsoever, I basically answered yes and no to every questions they asked me. And I just don’t feel like talking to them.. Furthermore, their internet signal was poor af.

I teared up a little after ending their call. I just feel like I shouldn’t be like that, I shouldn’t be annoyed, I should have just let it be.. In fact, they are just being concerned about you.

I feel like I’ve been dealing with emotions lately. I have been super emotional. Last weeks when I was travelling with my dad in Busan, we decided to go to a spa and sauna place where they have separate locker rooms for men and women, and I’ve been looking for my dad for an hour after changed. After seeing him dressed up after being in the sauna room by himself, I literally teared up. I cried not because I thought I’s lost him, I cried because of anger.


*P.S. I’m sorry, is this even write accordingly. I don’t think you understand neither do I.




用文字 记录最真实的心情



对人、对事、对物, 都一样执着。



奇怪的是 一旦发现它其中不完美的一角

我能毫不犹豫地将两年多的感情 一咻 就丢进了垃圾桶

人 也一样

即使不完美 只要我喜欢 再不好都不会放掉


只要有任何的背叛 任何的不忠

我将 毫不犹豫 转身就走

这样的 执着,

让我在人群中 感受到满满的爱的同时



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Productive weekend right before exams?

Yeppp, I had a productive weekend right before my A2 Trial exam, and what I did was not even related to studies. 😂😅 But, it was one in my list of productive weekend though.

As I said before in my previous post, that I’d fallen in love with brush calligraphy, and so I went to buy the materials or in short, the brush pen. I’ve read through the professionals, most of them said Artline Stix Brush Marker is a good choice for beginner but they also adviced us to practice with pencil first, well apparently I did and I still love it, So i went to Popular bookstore and look for it. Keep on reading!

A-level Exams but duhhh

Heyyyy, A2 exams is like 37 days more and I’m here procrastinating, But the thing is I don’t feel nervous and pressured cause I’ll be studying abroad without using this qualification, means that I have been wasting my time since last year I registered myself for this course. Everyone is like studying hard and having a lot of sleepless night because of pressures and I’m here typing and not doing anything else.

Anyway, I will be going to Korea with my bunch of crazy pps (except Ru😢 ) at the end of July for a week to have fun after A2, cause we’ll be separating very soon. I’m really looking forward to that trip though it is 114 days away.

Oh and I’m accidentally so into brush calligraphy after checking out @merdrey ‘s Instagram. And then, this blog (http://piecescalligraphy.com/) is all about brush calligraphy and I’m already having a to-buy list for brush calligraphy, and I will update soon about my progress. 03362431659587.5605a60215218

Should i do a Taobao haul? or something else? Cause I don’t want my blog to be so typical, you know. Comment below to let me know but oh well, no one will even see this blog HAHAH😂.

Brush calligraphy picture : https://www.behance.net/gallery/4048639/Brush-Pen-calligraphy

Featured image : teenagerposts.tumblr.com