The Bab’s Korean BBQ Restaurant

Adios! My friends and I have been planning our trip to Korea this month and it’s like 16 days away and I’m excited af! I’ve been there for like 2 times and it was awesome. I mean the environment, the people and the country were amazing!

I was asked to choose a dinner place tonight as usual, who doesn’t hate it when it comes to food when there’s like thousands of choices in Kota Kinabalu. So, I came up with this Korean Restaurant, where almost all the people near me recommended me to this restaurant.


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Restaurant Wun Chiap, Ice Cendol and ABC

It’s taking me so long to update my blog and I’m sorry about it. If you’re wondering, yes I was lazy and have no special things to blog about, and yes, I wasn’t studying! I’m not pressured cause I won’t be using this result or even using what I’ve learnt. I know A2 is 5 days away and I’m here blogging, cause I have no interest in studying, nah I’m just joking but seriously, I’m not science people hahaha.


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Diner Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

Good afternoon guys, so I went to this restaurant for a few times and I think I should do some reviews for it. Cause the food there is quite good but also quite pricey but I do recommend you guys to give it a try. They have this small table and there’s a number of games like Uno, and board games.

This restaurant,ย Diner. What I meant for Promo price is thatย it’s only available at 10:00am till 11pm.


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A lil’ update for this week

Hey, i just finshed 3 papers for an exam, and there’s 3 more to go. And it has been haze-y for a week to 2 now, and has finally rain. I’ll just give a few short reviews for 2 dramas.

First, I’ve been watching 2 Korean dramas and I think they’re good. The first one is of course the really well-known one, Descendent of the Sun. 4627_DescendantsoftheSun_Nowplay_SmallThe 2 main casts are Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo Si Jin, and Song Hye Kyo as Dr.Kang Mo Yeon. I love the bromance more than the romance (sorry) though.

Second, Come Back Misters, which has a really good plot, it’s about 2 of them died and then came back to life as another two, all they wanted to do was just to find out how they died but accidentally found out a lot of shocking stuff. The 2 main casts are Rain as Store Manager Lee Hae Joon, and Oh Yeon Seo as Han Hong Nan.


I always watch Korean dramas or entertainment like Running Man with English Sub. Here’s where I watch mine :ย DramaFireย , I have been using this site for 2-3 years.

I just don’t love books, so don’t ask me why I’m free to watch dramas and stuff but others are like cramping for exams.

And also, I’ll be writing a whole lot of stuff from now on or soon I guess like Food reviews, or where to eat in somewhere, dramas reviews, and whatever I want to hahahha. I think it’ll be more on food reviews since I love to eat๐Ÿ˜‹