Just something that has been on my mind

Every time I starts to write, I literally used up all the time to think of the title of my blog. How did y’all think of yours? I need a title generator!

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Just to let y’all know..

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. No. I have not been updating since December? HAHAHAHAHA. Bha who cares? So, just to let y’all know, I am currently studying Korean in South Korea. I’m in Kyung Hee University. Yes, that university where Gong Too as well as GD graduated from. Different campus though.

Guys can I stop updating my Korea Trip 2016? I’m lazy okay. hahaha

Leave comment down there whether you want me to blog the last few days of that trip or start a new TOPIC about my life in Korea now!!

Well, it has already been 43 days since I left my hometown and is now craving for Laksa. Cause the teachers here kept asking me about Malaysian food and I was like, Laksa all the way. Anyway, it has been so far so good. Just that the food here are expensive. I can eat 2 bowls of laksa just for one Jjajangmyeon. But it tastes so good though. The jjajangmyeon I meant.

I’ve met friends from countries like Hong Kong, Sweden, Netherland, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada as well as Japan. Of course, Koreans. I’ve hanging out with Hong Kong people these days and my cantonese has been improving since then.

Also, my friends here plus those who doesn’t know Malaysia well don’t understand why we speak few languages (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay..). Should I continue to write or should I stop here? I guess I’ll stop here cause <LEAVE COMMENT>!!!!!!!

HHAHAHA sorry. I really want to continue to write though, guys, don’t macam-macam there, just leave a comment.

*If you guys chose to update my Korea life here, I’ll be blogging about Korean Restaurant and places I went and reviews! (If you guys are oblivious enough😏)


I’ll stop here, goodnight.

F-excited for the coming week

Hey, I’ve been looking forward to next week for like 2389785276 years. I am so excited and I can’t wait. I’ll be off for like 2 weeks cause I need time to edit videos for my first and ever VLOG of MY LIFE! I can’t sleep last night due to my happiness and excitements!

And yes, finally I can do my stuff on weekday cause I have been working and omg, I’ve finally change my department! Got into my mom’s, I can see her more now! I don’t need to sneak out from the other department just to go to my mom cause I’m stressed back then.

Does anyone who vlogs has tips for a beginner vlogger please? Cause I’m nervous and I’m scared that I’ll ruin everything!

Will be back soon, safe and sound! See y’all ❀️

*Point at the picture and you’ll know why there’s separate picture of us and Phebe!

Oh, I’ll blog about my prom night as soon as I’m free HAHAHA tons of photos though, with good-looking people and hungry people just kidding! Stay tuned!

I’ve been busying with…

Hey everyone! I know I have not been updating my blog for like weeks, I’m sorry, I know y’all won’t give a d*** so, ahahah kidding.

I’ve been busying with literally everything! I’ve been working full-time, and this means I’m tired almost every minute. My mom introduced me to the company where she has been working for almost 25 years? Yea, she got me in and got me job I DIDN’T LIKE until now, AUDIT 😦 I started working on the 16th this month (June), at first I was like okay, why don’t I give it a try.
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