Life updates.. ㅋㅋ

벌써 학기의 절반이 지났네?

Just done with mid-terms and thought that I should update my page. So yea, here I am.
Well, I was placed in the same class with two of my ex-classmates and at first, I thought it’ll be awkward cause I don’t talk much, I’m serious. Don’t be deceived by my look. I may look chatty but I’m not. Okay, get to point, I adapted well, unexpectedly. Met few new friends and get along well with them. No complains, no whatever heheh.
I really wanna thanks those who have been by my side when I need someone to talk to, and even advices from. You know who you are. It’s great to have friends like y’all. And for your information, I’ll be going back for holidays in September. So if you wanna like hang out or like to get some beer, give me a call now!
And, I’ve actually been dealing with some problems right now, nothing serious but I tend to give myself a lot unnecessary stress. I couldn’t control myself. But anyway, if you need someone to talk to, give me a call. Cause I’m really good at listening. But not giving advice!
I need ideas for my blog! 😦

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