Korea? Kim Jong Kook? It’s been on my mind for quite awhile…

I think a lot of people are curious about the reason I’ve chose the study abroad in South Korea. Is it because of the idols? Good looking actors? Dramas?

Nah, I’ve been thinking over it again and again for half year since I finished my A2.

To be honest, I don’t have good grades in SPM nor A2 & A Level especially science subjects. You know what my dream used to be? A doctor. It has all changed after one decision. A decision that I have not regretted and will not regret for my life.

What I did was when I see through my SPM result slip, got good grades for languages but not science and mathematics subjects. And I woke up from the doctor dream, I studied hard and couldn’t even get a pass for science and mathematics subjects, neither in SPM or A2. Don’t talk about A level cause I gave that up. And at that time, I was in a dilemma whether to study English or other languages. I learned Japanese before and I’m not interested in Japanese. Cause I don’t like Japanese animation (this is a personal opinion, don’t take it too seriously).

And special thanks to my friend who was currently studying Korean Language in SNU that time under scholarship. After looking at how she used Korean for caption for her instagram pictures, and I got more interest in Korean, so I told my mom about it and at first she didn’t support, neither do my dad.

Not only them, but everyone of you, must be thinking, that I chose to come here is just to meet idols and celebrities. Almost everyone thought I was insane that time. Guess how I shook my parents’ heart about it? I gaveย promise. I promised them I will prove them with my results that I’m really interested in studying Korean Language instead of coming here to just wasting money and looking for celebrities.

And I did it.

Although I did go to concerts and if you follow me on Instagram, you can see me posting videos or taking pictures of delicious food, or places or even celebrities but the thing is most of them are free of charge except for concerts. I saw Twice and Sistar, guess how I got the free tickets? By LUCK.

I was even in the same flight back to Malaysia, I was supposed to get into business class’s seat but the counter guy said it was full, and I have to downgraded to economy which I didn’t regret it. He then let me choose either one of the two seats left which was window seat or isle seat. Obviously I chose aisle seat as I don’t want to wake people up just to let me go to the toilet. I went to my seat and preparing for departure.

The next thing I saw was a group of 3 sitting right next to me on the left, I was like who were they? I think I saw them before. And yea, I really did saw them on TV on running man. They’re Kim Jong Kook’s managers and stylists. I was like why were they here? Was Kim Jong Kook on board? Duh, I was like I wasn’t that lucky and went to sleep. When I woke up, i was literally leaning on the guy right next to me, I was super embarrassed. Before the food was served, the stewardess thought I was Korean and showed me a paper in Korean for menu. I was like “I’m Malaysian.” He quickly apologised but it’s nothing though. Suddenly the guy beside me started talking Korean to his friends beside him. I heard them discussingย about the plans and shooting stuff. I quietly listened to them whole watching at the movie I download on my phone without sound.

When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, we were disembarked from the plane. Since we sit really near together I mean the managers and stylists. I went out walking behind them, and while walking in the economy lane, I saw the manager pointing at the business lane. I turn around and took a look. I got goosebumps.

It’s Kim Jong Kook.

Took pictures of him through the glasses in between and left. Cause I was like I shouldn’t not let him be seen. So I left mercilessly. AHAHAHAH. The next thing happened was he was right behind all the time I was walking. Then I was the first one to ask him for photos and a hand shake. That wasn’t a handshake, I was leaving after taking pictures with him then I thought why not give it a try for handshake. I put my hand right in front of him, he looked at it first, and thought I was giving him something, then he suddenly realised I was asking for a handshake. What he did was he heldย my hand while walking right next to his mother, for 3 seconds? That’s not a handshake right?


That’s all for today. Have a great day ahead.


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